Sunshine Blogger Award!

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You know why???

Because the incredibly super fantastic Rachel Lester nominated meeee for the Sunshine Blogger Award! And might I say thank you, dear Rachel, for thinking of me. I am absolutely honored. ^_^

Thus, I recommend sniffing out her jaw-dropping blog, Water & Pen, and stalk her forever. That’s what I did, anyway.

Now, in this little post, I’m going to say 7 facts/things about myself. (try not to fall asleep, guys 😉

1.) I hate mornings. HATE them. I also dislike drinking coffee or tea in the morning. But I like coffee and tea any other time of day. Don’t ask, I have no idea.

2.) I earned a black belt when I was nine. It’s now a distant memory (and, in case you’re wondering, that was many years ago and I am now weak.  I cannot even do a push up. I am ashamed.)

3.) I WANT A TARATULA OKAY???? I looove spiders. My favorite are the crab spiders and banana spiders (their webs are marvelous.) However, my mom says I can’t get a tarantula because of “reasons”, so I guess I have to settle for a hissing cockroach…

4.) I will not ask for anything in restaurants, or talk to people in general. In fact, just today I had to return some books that were overdue at the library. And…I had to go to the DESK OF DOOM. Long story short, I made my brother go return them for me while I spied behind a rack of books (like a ninja).

5.) I enjoy alligator hunting.

6.) I like visiting old graveyards that make me cry. When I tell people that, I get a weird look, but you writerly/bookish people understand, right? It’s cool.

7.) I have a deep passion for creation science. I want to be an archaeologist (and use those neat little brushie brushie things…that may or may not determine my future).

And there you have it! A little look into my wonderfully weird world!

I will now supply you with the rules:

1.      Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award

  1. Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts or things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 5 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

And my nominees:

Schuyler McConkey of My Lady Bibliophile (she’s so sweet! And her blog is full of bookish and writerly wit. Fabulous.)

Hannah Wilson of Plottinger Twist (her blog is beautiful and unique. She’s also a super nice human whom I adore!)

Blaise Haddow of The Book Boulevard (she has a great book blog…and is an awesome writer!)

Emily Hayse of The Herosinger (she’s too cool for school and her blog is beautifully beautiful)

Joy from Fullness of Joy (her blog is vintage-y and pretty and inspiring and she’s so sweet)

There you have it! Thank you again for nominating me, Rachel! It’s been a blast =D

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