Totally Unrealistic Bookish Things


Let’s get real.

We all love books. Like, LOVE them. Sometimes they’re convenient, sometimes not so much. But we make it work, right?

BUUUT we could still make the bookish world a better place. Yeah, even without a kindle.

So without further adieu….



  1. A book that plays a soundtrack as you read. You know how movies are made awesome by their music (*ahem* HANS ZIMMER!!!!!)? Well, books are already awesome as-is. Imagine a SOUNTRACK FOR YOUR BOOK! So when you turn the page onto an epic unicorn vs. vampire beaver battle you hear the crash of symbols and quickening pace of the violins. Yes. Let that sink in.


2. BookTube. I already have a name for it and everything. A YouTube FOR BOOKS! You can have a channel just to fangirl (we won’t judge), to review books, or just flail for five minutes straight. Hey, whatever floats your boat (or your SHIP ahaha…haha…). Sometimes you just can’t properly freak out on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or whatever the young whippersnappers are about these days. And, on BookTube, people will understand…because they’ll be flailing over the saaaaame things.

15 - 1.gif

3. Glow-in-the-dark words. This is self explanatory but OH SO AWESOME. Those clip-on book light things are pretty cool (I have two!) that you clip onto your book, but sometimes they’re too dim or too bright-not to mention what happens when the battery runs out! *hides* It’s terrifying. But imagine the pages glowing with words penned from another world, another adventure, another time. *happy sigh*


4. A book laminator. Your favorite book…you have to keep it safe from the terrible world out there. There is soapy water, people with Cheetos fingers…the outdoors. Anything could happen. The world is out to get your precious novel. What if there was a machine that laminated every page of your books so you could read care-free in the bathtub or lend it to your not-so-gentle friend. YES.


5. A Fanart Website. In case you’re wondering, this is different than BookTube (mainly because I haven’t thought of a name yet). So this is a place where artist-y people gather and create. Every fandom, every type of art. Not like DevianTArt, okay. BECAUSE for us non-artistic people we could make requests for all types of art and buy from them! I want it so baaad!! (I want a minimalists TARDIS watercolor to hang on my wall because reasons, *stares forcefully at her audience just in case someone out there hears me*)

What are some bookish fantasies you wish were true? Tell me all the things, because, obviously, I want to hear them!!!

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