Interview With Zac Tyson of Of Bleeding Pens and Pages




*ahem* *folds hands primly*

Zac is from the newly established (AND TOTALLY EPIC) Of Bleeding Pens and Pages and has so very, very kindly agreed for me to interview him today. I am obviously very excited, so let’s get down to business, shall we?

1.) Who is the character you have the most fun writing about in your WIP These the Restorers?

 Err, all of them? They’re all my preciouses…that’s like asking me to pick my favorite child (if I had children)!
Fine, I’ll pick.
I’d say Jensen, solely because he’s 11 and kids are the best. Plus he’s whimsical and smart and no-nonsense, yet despite his rough life, still maintains his innocence and spirit of adventure. When he’s first introduced, he’s a pocket thief with a closed heart and lack of trust. He’s been alone most of his life–people have always seemed cruel to him. He steals to survive, but also to show people he’s not to mess with–and to grate on their nerves. Throughout These The Restorers, he learns to trust, to open up himself, what it is to love and be loved, and that people can be compassionate. That’s why I enjoy writing him most–because of his growth. And his childish humor and sass totally crack me up, so… 😉
2.) Do you have any pets?
 I have one! A golden retriever/lab mix, Rocky. He’ll be 11 in March, so he’s pretty old, but he still jumps around and acts like a puppy. He’s the best!
3.) If each of your characters had a household job (sweeping, dusting, etc.) what would they be?
Kaelan: Sweeping, I suppose. Though I can’t say she’d have much time for household chores–she’s much too busy hunting for food!
Arec: Household repairs? Does that count? That’s really all I can imagine him doing! 😛
Teague: Err…dusting her bookshelves?
Sohl: Polishing (all the weaponry).
Jensen: Cleaning up the mud and dropped coin he dragged in.
4) What problems have you had in your plot for These the Restorers and how did you resolve them?
Ugh so many. Once I resign to the fact that it will never write itself (darned book), mostly I just glare at my computer or pace and brainstorm until something comes to mind. I also pray about it…if God gave me the story, He’ll help me fix it. Simple as that! 🙂
5) Do you enjoy the classics? if so, which ones?
Sorry, I’m not a fan of the classics. *hides* I just can’t ever get into them (except Tolkien…LOTR!!!). I do enjoy some older movies and some TV shows, though!
6) What genre do you enjoy writing the most?
I would say speculative fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal), but truly, it’s YA and MG. Although speculative fiction is solely the genre I write, my stories are centered around teens and kids who struggle with life, reality, the roles they play, and how they overcome and embrace it all. I just build around their journies with fantastical worlds, crazy technology, wild plots, and lots and lots of angst and danger.
7) Name one (or a few!) random facts about yourself!
I’m 18; I’m obsessed with peanut butter; I’m going to college to become a child psychologist; I’m a PK (preacher’s kid) the only things I need in life are God, music, books, coffee, and kids; I’m often reminded I’m not a kid anymore, which never really fazes me. I’M FOREVER A KID AT HEART.
8) Are you part of a fandom? Three fandoms? All the fandoms?!?
Mainly LOTR! Sometimes Hunger Games! I flail a lot about a lot of books/movies, but I can’t say I’m in any fandoms. 😉
9) What would your dragon name be (because we all know you’re a not-so-secret dragon)?
Ummmmm…HOW HAVE I NOT THOUGHT ABOUT THIS BEFORE. *ack* Well…*thinks for awhile* Skurvlaxen sounds pretty rad, don’t you think? *loves my dragon name*
10) Hardcover or Paperback?
HARDCOVERRRRRRRRRR. *ahem* I love hardcovers.
11) Do you prefer real humans or fictional humans (or animals, I suppose 😉 )?
Fictional in any sense. Real humans can’t be trusted. (plus being a dragon my senses are increased, which means my smell is very keen, so I can smell humans from miles away. And usually they stink.)
12) What are you reading right now?
The better question is, WHAT AM I NOT READING RIGHT NOW??? This month and next, I’m beta reading for 3 friends, I’m a judge in the YA category for the Realm Makers Genre Awards, and I have an ARC of Siren’s Song (book #3 in the Storm Siren trilogy…check it out!) to devour, and I’ll be finishing A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes. So, yeah. A lot.
13) What are some goals for your blog, Of Bleeding Pens and Pages?
I hope Of Bleeding Pens and Pages will be a place for readers and writers alike to come together and hide away from the outside world, and enjoy all things bookish. To inspire, to help, to release. TO BE BOOKWORMS!
Thank you so much for your awesome answers, Zac!! Now, all of you peeps in Cyberspace, go, follow your dream, and visit Zac’s super-cool blog!!

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