On Beauty and You



Hello everyone! Today I’m going to take a look at something different than bookish things (for now =P) and talk about something completely different and perhaps a bit random.

We’re going to talk about Christian beauty and why it’s so irrelevant t what we think it is.

I’ll admit I was a little nervous putting this post out there because I didn’t want to offend anyone, but then I thought “why not?” because I was greatly inspired by my friend Annie’s word of the year, “brave”.

So let’s get to the good stuff =)

“Being pretty” is something most girls, teenagers, young women, middle-aged women, and elderly women stress over. All the time. We have the makeup, the clothes, the hair products, the moisturizers, the nail polish and everything in between to “improve” our appearance.

The US spends around $24 billion on skin care, $18 billion on makeup, $38 billion on hair-care products and $15 billion on perfume.

A year. (and the number is still growing!)

I mean WHAT????

That’s a jolly large sum of money, if you ask me.

And yet, our country endorses the “beYOUtiful” and “be yourself” slogans everywhere. No wonder people are confused!

The fact is, and bear with me on this one, that no one is beautiful.

That’s right, no one.

We are all wretched sinners who are black and perfectly ugly inside and out. No matter how much or how little makeup you put on, you can’t change the vileness of your heart and mind that seethes with loathing towards our very Creator.

You see, “beauty” as the world puts it, is something you can physically see or achieve…something that is perfect. We, as depraved humans, aren’t even in the same category as “perfect”. Inherently, we hate God to our very core.

We are ugly.

We are vile.

We are sinners.

We will always choose sin.

As Christians, we need to see beauty in a different way. The battle isn’t with our face, it is a war within our hearts. Please, please, I beg of you, don’t be yourself.

Inside, you are hideous enough for God Almighty to have to send his beloved son to die for the propitiation of our ugliness.

And in our depraved, broken and horrendous state, we died. We drowned in our sin because it was so foul, so against God that our body could not hold the weight of it all.

But Christ bent down and saved us. He saved us from the black ugliness within, even though we so far from deserved it.

He chose us to be beautiful.

So while the world spends its money on outward “fixes” and everyone endorses the perspective of “everyone’s beautiful” and “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, I say that that is completely false of what beauty is.

It is our new walk with Christ.

It’s in how we glorify Him daily.

How beautiful is your heart? How pure is your mind?

Even if the answer is always “ugly”, focus on this:

Christ is beautiful and by His mercy, He allows you to be beautiful too.



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