Civil Rights (for the socially awkward) PART 1

LIFE IS A CRUEL AND UNFAIR PLACE, RIGHT? Basically, you’ve been told that from day 1…or experienced it firsthand. While a ton of circumstances in life are beautiful and lovely and happy squishy things, a lot isn’t necessarily easy. WELL, IMAGINE BEING SOCIALLY AWKWARD, OKAY?? EVERYTHING IS HARD TIMES 1,000,000. So, if you aren’t socially awkward,… Continue reading Civil Rights (for the socially awkward) PART 1

A Life of Books

(Because this is exactly what I feel like)   So, most of you already know this, but I started a¬†BookTube channel! *insert happy whale noises* YES YES I DID! I did. I did???????????? Okay, well, I’m terrified. Like, waaay scared. Putting my actual face on the actual internet? AND TALKING??? SO I CAN’T EVEN TALK… Continue reading A Life of Books