Before You Read My Wattpad Story

Hello everyone!! 

Well, this is really unofficial.

I’ve been on a loooong blogging hiatus and was planning on doing what any good blogger would do. AKA write a “life update” post to reconnect with you all and apologize for my absence.

BUUUT I am not a good blogger and am jumping right back in with a totally irrelevant post. I am a funny book princess like that.

What I wanted to share with you is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

This Wednesday, I am unleashing a beast so wild, so insane, so reckless that I am a little terrified myself.


*cue dramatic music*

It’s title is “Where the Ghosts Lie” and it’s a thriller novel.


Nolan Clay was convicted of murder and dishonorably discharged from his marksman position in the Navy SEALs all in one night…for a crime he didn’t commit. After spending ten years in prison, all Nolan wants to do is live a quiet life in the mountains of Colorado. However, when enemies from his past come back into the light and the opportunity to clear his name arises, Nolan must choose between two things. Re-enter the life that destroyed his reputation and has haunted him for years or walk away a condemned man.


So if you don’t like CIA/espionage stories, this one probably isn’t for you! 

I also wanted to share a bit of warning.

This is a military story.

There is much blood and death and stabbies.


I do not believe in unnecessary or excessive violence and gore.

There won’t be anything explicit or too graphic, but those things will definitely be implied or lightly explained/described.

I would also like to note that violence and gore isn’t the main focus of the story, obviously. There are many themes that deal with forgiveness, grief, honor, and all that good Christian stuff! 😜 (Also sass and sarcasm, so there’s that)

Now that I have properly terrified you, you can look forward to reading it on Wednesday!!! *nervous laugh* 

If you want to follow me on Wattpad you can find me at WendyGreene11

I’m so excited to start this new adventure! 😊

13 thoughts on “Before You Read My Wattpad Story

  1. Now I have to be honest… I didn’t read this before reading your first chapter. *gasp* The horror! But now that I have read this post, I’m /even/ more excited to read more (if that’s even possible?? I guess it is.) Ah!

    Liked by 1 person

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