Life Updates



Hello everyone! I returneth from my looooong blogging hiatus!

(Okay, well, except for that one post about my Wattpad story. But that wasn’t professional =P)

So, anyway, HI!!!

Sadly, I haven’t done much reading these past couple months, BUT I have done some fun life and writerly things.

I started a YouTube channel.

You guys probably already knew this, however I’m planning to make some changes to it! For example, you might’ve noticed I put “YouTube Channel” instead of “BookTube Channel” so, there’s that. I MUST LET MY CREATIVITY FREEEEE (actually, I just began having ideas for things other than book-related videos, so I thought it would be better to label my channel more generally ^_^). ALSO, I’ve been having some camera issues and all of that junk, so I haven’t been able to record any videos. I’m hoping to work on it this week, though! I’m really excited to share with you all the new content (that may or may not include some very embarrassing stuff… ;))

I went to a government camp.

That was interesting. I’ve never really gone to camp before, and I even had to board a plane by myself *gasp*. I also have a lot of very strange stories about it and my awkwardness, but I’ll spare you XD

  • It was very surreal, though. I’ve always been surrounded by fellow fangirls/readers/writers so being in an environment void of those kinds of people was…different.
  • Apparently a lot of them don’t squeal about The Martian and Doctor Who when someone makes a seemingly random comment.
  • I realized how out-of-touch I am with pop culture (I didn’t know people used words like “straight up”, “legit”, and “dope” in everyday conversation–as in, they’re not joking when they say them XD).
  • Teenage girls are scary. And creepy. I much prefer my fangirl-y dorks I hang around with ^_^

I’ve been up to some dastardly shenanigans with HannahΒ and ZacΒ 

It’s going to be SO FUUUUN!! We’ve been chatting and planning some super-secret stuff and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

I bought a lot of books I haven’t read yet.


I am a sad bean.

I. Just. Can’t. Read.

No matter how good the book is, I just can’t seem to get into it. Even if I know I’ll like it, I’ll read a chapter, put it down, and sob with guilt at never picking it up again.


I just want to sit down and read for four hours without being so restless.

But anyway, I keep buying books to fill the void–because that’s TOTALLY practical.

So far I have in my possession: Red Rising by Pierce Brown, The 39 Steps by John Buchan, The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes, and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

I want to read them SO BAD. But I can’t.


I started my Wattpad story!

You probably knew about this too, but I thought I’d give you a quick update on that! I never thought I would enjoy it so much. Just putting my writing out for other people to see is always daunting and I have a mini heart attack every time I click “publish”, but it’s taught me that mistakes are okay. And the encouragement I’ve received has made me so incredibly happy and inspired (thank you, you wonderful, wonderful people!). And writing Where the Ghosts Lie has been such a fun writing experience in general!

SoΒ that pretty sums up my life these past few months! I’m getting antsy about the new semester about to start, but I’m excited to see where life leads!

What have you all been up to?



5 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. UM, LIKE I SERIOUSLY HOPE YOU CAN GET OUT OF YOUR SLP DOON SO YOU CAN READ THE MOST FABULOUS BOOK OF THEM ALL. By that I mean The 39 Steps. I hope you love it, even though it has some quirks because the characters are worth it. 😁 I also sympathize with you because I have read no fiction since April. 😭 I have a deliciously long TBR for fall, however. πŸ˜„

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    I have been in a reading slump too. It lasted a little over a week. But now I’m really into Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. It’s around 1,300 pages!!! Probably the biggest book I will ever read.

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