On Writing What You Love


Welcome to my lair.


It’s a nice, cool, damp dungeon with various torture devices strewn about the wall and pink flower vases on the turquoise tables

There’s also brownies cooking in my dragon-fueled fireplace.

It’s nice, don’t you think?

Anyway, today I’m going to kind of tie in my NaNoWriMo journey (thoughts, more so?) as well as a general writing post.

So kick back on my unicorn leather chair, sip a little tea, enjoy a brownie.


I write thrillers.

That’s the first thing I realized during NaNo.

I started out with a cute contemporary novel, but it just did not work out. I CAN’T DO IT. Why? I have no idea. I need more blood and gore in my life, you know? I can’t just do the average day-to-day activity stuff. I need guns and danger.

I especially like military/spy action-y thrillers.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I enjoy writing stories like Where the Ghosts Lie. That is what brings my scribbler’s heart that little leap of joy every time I pull up the document.

But here’s the thing, guys.

Most people don’t latch onto thrillers. It isn’t a widely acclaimed genre, not because it isn’t good, but because it isn’t for everyone.

The audience for a story that has to do with the government and terrorists and car chases is much slimmer than, say, a contemporary novel like The Fault in Our Stars.

If I posted a novel on Wattpad under the genre “Teen Fiction”, I can guarantee that my chances of getting 2K views or more would be far greater than having the identification of “Action”.

So there lies the question.

Who am I writing for?

Am I publishing on Wattpad to get as many views and comments as I can?

Of course, having a lot of interaction is wonderful and I hope to gain more in the future.

With that said, I have been sorely tempted to change genres just to get those higher numbers and draw in a larger crowd.


I have a natural desire for people to read my stories, to love my writing, to build a monument in my name, you know, whatever.140683-megamind-megamind.jpg.gif

But, while it’s not impossible, it’s very unlikely that there will be fanart, Pinterest boards, or Tumblr posts about a 32 year old guy combating terrorists and EMPs.

Note: This is not a pity post *

I’m not whining that my books won’t be “good enough” or “popular”. Who knows? They might be!

*although that does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it??


Let’s take a look at huge action thriller novels:

Of course, we have the Jason Bourne franchise (derived from a book series), which is one of the biggest action empires ever. It’s generally geared towards grown men. The same goes for Tom Clancy books that have been turned into movies and video games.

And while those are leading franchises in the movie/book thriller industry, it doesn’t have “fangirls/boys” or any of the things we see from novels like The Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson.

I’m sure by now you’re saying: “Yes, well, of course! There’s a huge difference in the audiences these books are geared towards, you cotton-headed ninny-muggins! Do you expect a thirty year old man to make Pinterest boards about Jason Bourne?!?!”*

And the answer is no, I don’t expect that. Teenagers and young adults run the fandoms, so, naturally, YA books that are geared towards teenagers will get the fandom.

*Actually, I do. A certain female blogger dragon has one, so…

My dream (and I’m sure many other author’s dream) is to become the next Riordan or Maas or Spurgeon (thought I’d add some variety there).

Basically, we want to be worshipped, okay? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!


Anyway, back to the point. *ahem*

I could whip up something that would fulfill my desires and write something that would please the YA audience. One of my siblings doesn’t like Where the Ghosts Lie because it isn’t his preference. I could write a story that he would like.

But contemporary or fantasy isn’t my passion.

So here is my plea for you:

Write what you love.

Work hard at it.

(even though you may not have documentaries made about you. Sorry.)

It’s something I’m slowly learning and finding joy in. If you enjoy writing journal entries in your person diary, or creating random short stories, that’s not only okay, but stinking awesome.

No matter what anyone tells you, no matter what successes you don’t meet, keep writing what you love. Do. Not. Stop.

Who are you writing for?




7 thoughts on “On Writing What You Love

  1. So the easy solution here would be for you to sell to the international market. Thrillers are HUGE in Germany (as in 75 percent or so of all popular fiction–I made that number up).

    All kidding aside, I completely agree. If you write with passion, people will notice and people will read. Even if you’re not world-famous, you’ll gain a cult following of people who will defend your passion. Passion drives us. It drives our readers. We can’t let it dry up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, Wendy! I’m new around here, so, hi!


    Anyway… I adore thrillers! Guess I’m a minority! Yay me. 🙂 This post made me laugh… But you’re right: unless you’re heart is in what you write, you’ll never write WELL.

    Liked by 1 person

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