Life Update & Camp NaNo




*peeks out from hiding*

It’s been a bit, friends.

*cough* two months *cough*

But no matter, you forgive me, right? Right????

Well, if it’s any consolation I’ve totally failed in keeping up with my Wattpad writing too, so it’s not just this blog that has suffered!

Anyway, that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

As most of you know, Camp NaNoWriMo took place in the month of April! I love Camp NaNo and participated in it both times last year, setting my word count to 25K instead of the normal 50K during November…and both times I didn’t win.

Honestly, I didn’t really take it seriously.

But this year, I prevailed!!

I wrote a story (if we can call it that?? It’s probably the worst draft I’ve ever written XD) that was a sort of WWII retelling.

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s the synopsis:

Two thousand years in the future, the world is not filled with the technology and advancement it had imagined. The Jackals, a strong group of rogues, have filled most of the Western hemisphere, forcing the rest of civilization to regroup on the continent of Kalhura.

The Kalhurans have since created a military of well-trained soldiers, who have equipped themselves to make a final stand against their old enemies, one hundred years in the making.

Meredith Paige is the head nurse of her aid unit that travels with the soldiers as they campaign across North America. When a tragic accident leaves her as the only treatment officer with no time for replacements, Meredith must fight her own battles alone.

So, yeah, it’s not a great synopsis, but…=P It was a lot of fun to write! I delved into the world of warfare before and during this project and I must say that I feel quite accomplished because it was not easy.

This helped me so much in my other writing projects as well, since I work a lot with the military/battles and such.

So do your research, kids! It pays off!

This was also my first time in SEVEN YEARS writing a female main character! Can you believe that??? SEVEN YEARS.

It was nice (and so much easier) getting into the head of a female XD It was also interesting writing about someone who was calm and quiet. I’m one of those who loves writing those feisty headstrong gals who always get themselves into trouble. Meredith, however, was the complete opposite!

Since I’ve been working on Where the Ghosts Lie (my Wattpad story) for almost an entire year, it’s been a while since I’ve just been able to experiment with new things.

And guys, one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that trying different paths, toying with personality types, traveling to new genres is SO IMPORTANT!

Expanding your knowledge in new areas will help your writing in a million little ways!

As far as life goes…it has been absolutely hectic!

My brothers and I do a workshop for our local creation museum, then lead the groups out on a fossil dig on the river. We occasionally take larger groups out for a canoe trip as well.

(There were a lot more people there that day, I assure you 😂)

It’s so much fun being able to teach the kids the truth of God’s world while seeing their eager faces and funny comments. It’s such a joy to work with the little ones while learning a ton myself!

While the workshops are an immense blessing, it made getting my NaNo writing done a bit more difficult! =P

AND and and AND I’ve actually been READING!

*angels sing in the heavens* *Walmart starts giving out yellow smiley-faced stickers again in celebration*

Okay so, maybe they’ve just been history books, but still??? I read words??? That made paragraphs??? And chapters??? Which constituted books???


So that was nice.

I’ve also been reading The Assassin’s Daughter by my dear Jameson C. Smith! A review is certainly coming as soon as I finish it–because it is SO GOOD thus far!!

Next on my TBR list is Threadbare by Bethany A. Jennings–have you even SEEN that cover??? It’s beautiful.

I’m so happy to have such talented friends and am extremely psyched to read their work!

Another one I’m planning to audiobook is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I remember when the movie came out, but never watched it.

I’m having this weird sort of nostalgia for the 50’s and 60’s for some reason. Don’t ask.

Anyway, that’s pretty much my recent life! I’m sure it sounds so exciting XD

What are you all up to? How did Camp NaNo go for you?


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