Let Us Remember



I have a bad habit of not posting for ages and then doing two within a week, don’t I?

I need to fix that, but for now, it’s a good cause.

Today is Memorial Day. It’s meaning seems to be lost amongst the picnics, boat rides, fishing trips, and flag-themed cakes, but the importance still remains.

I would strongly urge you to take a single moment out of your busy day to remember those that gave their lives for your freedom as well as the families who are grieving for them today.

Pray for the families that are hurting instead of splashing around at the beach, who are laying flowers down at a grave instead of getting together with family, who are trying to get through the day instead of enjoying it.

Now, I was going to share this poem I wrote on the anniversary of D-Day (June 6th), but I figured it would be more appropriate for today.

*bites nails nervously*

Hope you enjoy!




Hard-edged brass and bogged-down shoes

We guessed we’d be tomorrow’s news

The lives we lost, we kept close score

On that cool summer night back in ‘44


Silhouettes against a black sky, metal floated down

Sparks swirling in the air, jewels on a crown

The clack of dying engines, faltering mid-flight

Then a dance of fire across the bleak midnight


Omaha, Gold, Juno, Utah, and Sword

Boots hit the ground and in came our hordes

Boys with fresh faces, our loyalty to send

It didn’t take long to turn into men


I rushed in, not once looking back

But that was when Germans began to attack

Men once standing, were now very still

Machine-gun fire rained down from a hill


A smatter of liquid hits me mid-fire

A soldier tumbles amidst the swampy mire

I keep running forward, my uniform a shell

I knew I’d be with him tonight as well


Devil on my shoulder, heaven on my side

The earth is shattered, the universe collides

The sand is red for all to see

And death, so cold, stands next to me


Attack, attack, and attack again

For freedom, for liberty, for life to amend

Mortar fire blasted us all to pieces

Tattered and broken were once strong legions


We all lost part of ourselves that night

The part that knew what’s wrong and right

Point, aim, shoot, cover

Duck, run, flash, and thunder


But the world did not end, no, not that day

Because freedom was fought, our lives to lay

We moved on from the horrors we sought

But the sacrifice we made was not forgot


Most were nineteen, some twenty-three

Tomorrow became a day they’d never see

Across the beach, white figures are dotted

With the memory of men in the form of crosses


The brave young men from land, sea, and air

Now comb down our scarce, white hair

We remember our brothers across the sea

Who stayed behind, back in Normandy

Happy Memorial Day, friends!


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