How to be a Hepburn in a Monroe Kind of World




Paris streets, wide-brimmed hat, perfect lipstick, elbow-length gloves to match your snazzy purse, a smart tilt of your head.

Let me tell you one thing: that is not the picture of a lady.

Miss Audrey Hepburn, whom we all know and love, was indeed that picture, and although she was a fashion icon, she was so much more. She was a true lady.

It is not the vintage clothes that you wear, but the heart you nurture and grow.

That’s awfully difficult in a world of Monroe’s, where being a woman is frowned upon unless you’re showing off as much skin as possible.

But I’m sitting down to write this post to tell you one thing:

We need to be young women of class. We are not to conform to the arbitrary norms of our ungodly culture, nor are we to rest in mediocrity.

The feministic mantra that has pervaded our society has been beating the idea of competing with men into our heads since we were born.

But we are not to compete with men, because the God of the universe knitted us together to be a different creature entirely.

A creature so beautiful, so wonderful, so very privileged.

We are to be women, equipped with the Word, and strengthened by our Heavenly Father.

So I challenge you, my dear sisters in Christ, to be the best darn woman you can be because it is an absolutely dazzling occupation.

(disclaimer: I’m not saying you can’t go to college, have a career, or that your only worth is in marriage, etc. All of that is fine, so hush.)

Now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way, we will get into the fun stuffage.

The art of homemaking, as I’ve learned, is SO FUN!!

It’s making beautiful everything that comes into your lap.

Making your space your own.

We’ve already established that being a classy lady starts in your heart and in your relationship with Christ, BUT…there are still fun things you can do to sprinkle a little old-fashion into your life ^_^

(another disclaimer: These are just things that *I* like to do, personally. If you don’t enjoy doing these things, it does NOT mean you aren’t classy or a proper lady. You do you and you is fabulous!)

1. Get your head out of the internet.

Yeah. I’m preaching to myself here. I’m an internet (Twitter?) addict. And I’m TRYYYYING so hard to break that habit, but I fail so miserably every day.

But the first step in doing almost anything is to be present. I know when I’m listening to my brothers tell a story or doing my schoolwork, I’m thinking about what to tweet next, who I need to reply to, that thing I saw on Pinterest, how to pose my books for an Instagram photo.

To quote Jim Elliot: “Wherever you are, be all there.”

That’s really impacted my life.

If I’m brutally honest, I’m not “all there” probably 85% of the time.

So when you’re doing anything, make sure your state of mind is in that task, whatever it may be.


Maybe you’re not a baker?? That’s okay. I don’t care.

But you should learn. Because cakes. And cupcakes. And brownies. And pastries.

For me, someone who loves to bake, it’s one of the things I enjoy immensely to defuse mentally from my consuming thoughts because baking is so involved.

Plus, you can give them to people! Which is very nice and hospitable ^_^


3. Take the time to write out a recipe.

Okay, yes, email and texting is SO convenient, but I was going through my mom’s recipe book yesterday (a three-ringed binder with clear sleeves where she can put all of her magazine clips/recipe notes/cards into–a really good idea, by the way!) and I saw all the memories in recipe cards that people had given her! Some had little notes like “I know your husband would like this ham recipe!” or “Here’s the poke cake I was talking about last Sunday!”

Mom even had a recipe she’d scratched down on a piece of stationary with her college logo on it!

They can be so special.

4. Write letters.

To your grandma. Your second cousin once removed. Send it in a bottle across the seven seas.

Snail mail is the bee’s knees.

5. Learn to clean!

Oddly enough, learning to clean is really fun to me?? Just trying out all of the nifty tips and tricks adds a little more enjoyment to the vacuuming/dish washing/dusting of everyday life.

Here’s an AMAZING website that I’ve been stalking a bunch recently:

The Glamorous Housewife


6. Wear skirts.

They’re just so darn fun…twirly skirts, especially. They boost your femininity by 100%. They don’t have to be fancy, I just like them XD

7. Take the time to make everything beautiful.

Your room. Your desk. Your kitchen. Your chicken coop.

Everything could use a little sprucing up, so take the time to create! Let your imagination wander!

Paint little sunflowers on your dresser, plant some flowers outside your window, force your brothers to have a fancy tea with you (like I’m going to do on Saturday…heehee…*devil emoji*)



So there are a few tips on cultivating a beautiful life in any area. Whether or not you’re going to college, raising a family, working at a business, or an overseas missionary…you can always possess ways of being classy, of embracing the feminine side that God gave you.

If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comments! What kinds of things do you do to practice the art of class? What are your thoughts on the matter?


















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